Domain Registration Guide

If you are new to the idea of domain registration and hosting hopefully this article with clear a few things up.

1. What is a domain name?
A domain name is an address that browsers use to access websites, e.g my domain name on this site is “” the domain name is made up of two parts, the first part “hostingxl” is the unique identification of your domain name. The second part “.com” is called a tld (Top Level Domain).

2. Which TLD should I choose?
My advice is that if the .com of your choice is available then go for that as the .com domain TLD is the most commonly recognized. However, it can also be beneficial to register a country specific TLD (e.g is a UK TLD); This helps search engines like Google to geographically target searchers searching in your country.

3. Should I just register my business name?
Not necessarily, registering a business name is good for brand building but not necessarily good for search results. Since Google Caffeine has been released Google has placed more weight on the domain names that contain the search term. Therefore it is beneficial to register domain names that include the main search term for your subject. Like for instance if you were setting up a website for a dentist in London you could check availability of the domain “” or “”.