WordPress Hosting for Beginners

Thinking of hosting for WordPress? Then it’s worth considering optimised hosting to get the maximum performance fro your Wordpess site. Security is also worth considering, so why not consider a specialised WordPress hosting package that will offer auto security patching and caching.

Web Hosting Explained…..

If you’re new to hosting, maybe thinking of getting a website then you will need a hosting package. However, what is hosting, well you don’t need to be a techie, but you might want to understand what you are buying? Right?

Best Free Website Builder 2016……

‘Safer Internet Day 2016 is supported by WHXL

I think we all agree we want a safer Internet, but there flood of inappropriate material seems to be unstoppable, but is it? Watch this video and see how you can make a difference….

Getting a New Business off the Ground in 2016 – Is a Website Builder a Good Idea or Not?

It seems that 2016 will be the year of the start-up, 2015 was an exceptional year for many new businesses getting off the ground and already two weeks into 2016 it looks like we will see an even bigger push with small businesses being launched at an even more aggressive pace.
Budgets are often tight for small business start-ups and unless you have some significant financial backing getting online can be even more of a challenge.

This is where website builder platforms come into their own offering a cost effective solution to getting online and they offer tremendous choice for small businesses. However, is the website builder product all it’s cracked up to be, could you start a business with one? Well, the website builder has really come on in the last five years offering lots of features and choice such as mobile responsive templates, huge image library’s offering 10′s of thousands of images, database and cart integration. The financial benefits speak for themselves, with many website builder packages including unlimited pages and editing, so you can update and add products to your website as often as you like and domain name, hosting, email and nearly always included.

We checked out a few hosting providers and Hosting Ireland seem to have this wrapped up if your looking to create a website, offering a easy to use website builder platform with everything you need and pricing was very competitive too… Having a professionally built website is obviously the first choice if money is no problem, on the face of it though we would say a website builder could be the way to go if budget constraint is factor…

How To Make A WordPress Website….

Facebook announces new data centre and new jobs in Ireland

The social network will increase its Irish workforce to close to 1,000

Facebook has submitted plans to build a new data centre in Co. Meath, this will be the company’s fifth such facility and it is due to be powered solely through renewable energy.

There will be 40 new full time jobs, while hundreds of other jobs will be created during the construction phase.

The social media giant recently moved into a bigger office space in Dublin’s docklands where it employs over 900 people, this centre will be located near Clonee.

“Ireland has been a home for Facebook since 2007 and today’s planning application demonstrates our continued interest to invest in Ireland,” said Rachel Peterson, data centre director in Facebook.

She continues: “We hope to build an innovative, environmentally friendly data centre that will help us continue to connect people in Ireland and around the world while supporting local job creation and Ireland’s successful technology economy.”

A spokesman for Facebook commented on the move saying, “Similar investments by Facebook have typically led to an economic impact in the order of hundreds of millions of euros, with thousands of jobs supported.”

Chief executive of IDA Ireland, Martin Shanahan welcomed the news: “Facebook’s existing relationship with Ireland is extremely strong and extensive in scope, but the news that the company wants to build its second European data centre in a regional location such as Meath will cement the relationship even further.”

Google’s New Algorithm Makes Mobile Site Friendly Feature A Must…

Google has announced that as of April 21st, mobile-friendliness will be a part of the search engine giant’s algorithm for determining result page rankings. In response to the growing number of internet users conducting searches with mobile devices, Google intends to improve user experience by favoring sites that are optimally structured for viewing on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. According to the official Google WebMaster’s blog, websites will earn a mobile-friendly tag beneath their SERP listing if they don’t require the use of horizontal scrolling, rely on mobile-compatible software, don’t require use of the zoom function, and have easily clickable links.

To meet these criteria, existing websites must be specifically outfitted for mobile viewing. Websites of all sizes, from e-commerce, to small business, to blogging sites, should take this algorithmic change seriously, this change will directly impact a site’s ranking. Not only will Google be less favorable to sites that aren’t mobile friendly, user experience is hindered when sites aren’t compatible, hurting site traffic and ranking even further.

With Google’s new algorithm, the best way to quickly and efficiently make a site suitable for mobile use is through the mobile site builder packages or mobile responsive-design services from a web hosting provider, says Danny Johananoff, Founder and CEO of web hosting comparison site Pickuphost.com. This also means that website owners seeking out new hosting companies should place high priority upon those with mobile site builder packages or conversion services.

According to Johananoff, creating a mobile-friendly site through a hosting provider is advantageous because:

It’s cost-effective. Hosting providers that offer these services typically cost less than hiring a professional design team to complete the backend work necessary for mobile-responsiveness or mobile site creation.
It can be user-implemented. Depending on a website’s level of complexity, websites can be created for mobile use by site owners themselves through easy-to-use builder applications.
Users can leverage customizable design templates for expedited launching. For those interested in building a mobile website from scratch, services offered from hosting providers make creating a well-designed mobile site simple.
However, not all hosting providers currently offer mobile site builders or mobile responsive services, and those that do may not offer the extent of services needed to earn Google’s mobile-friendly distinction. As Johananoff notes, site owners will need to do their due diligence to find the hosting provider with the right offerings.

We Are Totally Supportive of ‘Safer Internet Day 2015′….Are You?

Safer Internet Day (SID) is organised by Insafe in February of each year to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially among children and young people across the world.

Safer Internet Day 2015 will be celebrated on Tuesday 10 February 2015, with the strapline, once again, of “Let’s create a better internet together” following the success of last year’s campaign.

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Sorry we’ve not been here for a while…

Yes I know what you’re saying, why bother visiting this website, there’s no articles or comments! Well we’re about to change that by bringing you some news and latest info from the world of hosting and websites…

Well what’s new? The cloud is certainly here to stay and as we look around it’s being utilised in all sorts of ways from apps to banking, from backup to monitoring. Even everyday stuff is utilising the cloud. Take for example building a website, well now you can use the cloud! There are load of great tools and widgets that can be found that use the cloud to great effect. One area that is really taking off is cloud website builder, the ability for non technical girls like myself to build their own website. Now I don’t have to worry about programming or all that techie stuff, just use my artistic talents to build great looking sites…

Let me know of any other great cloud enabled technologies that you’ve come across…